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Getting into a School

Updated: May 16, 2021

My School Miracle.

My education was already not working well in 2020. I was not getting my admission into the school that I was supposed to go. It was in America, and I was stuck in lockdown in another country.

I felt cool vibrations pouring everytime I asked Mother if I should go to that school. I even smelled the jasmine fragrance when I prayed to Mother about it. But despite all that, I still couldn’t get admitted.

Actually, the rule for all the schools in my district was that students were not allowed to study in the school, if they are not on American soil. Shockingly, this rule even applied to online school!

My dad sent an email to the board of all the schools in that district, asking for my admission, but the board did not change their decision.

But since I felt cool vibrations, as an indication from Shri Mataji that I should study virtually in this school, I decided to surrender it to Shri Mataji, who is indeed Shri Mahamaya.

I did a single paper burn and bandhan, that I should get admitted in this school and I surrendered it to Shri Mataji.

Also, that weekend we had a havan, and I silently put all the negativities preventing me from going to this school in the havan.

The very next night, we got an email from the school, saying that the board changed the rule for the entire district!

They were allowing us to take admission in this school- me and all other American citizens who were supposed to study in that school, but were overseas.

The rule for the entire district changed with surrenderance and a bandhan!

I was elated but also very, very grateful, because I know that this miracle happened only by the grace of our holy mother - Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

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